Small Children & Sleep: A Guide

Being a slave to the baby monitor is not the way to embrace or embark on parenthood. Don’t get us wrong, babies are cute and small and they make our hearts clench with the enormity of the importance of the little life just created. Once your new born baby has arrived you are then in a situation – if you are extremely unlucky – of being woken every 2-4 hours a night for an absolute minimum of six months. You are busy being focused on what’s best for your baby and sleepless nights seem a small price to pay for that focus. By week six however, getting up every two hours to nurse the baby gets really old, really fast. The trouble is if you’re breastfeeding you could be trying to establish a feed supply and that is a hindrance to your beauty sleep. You could be very lucky and have a baby who sleeps right through the night save for a feed or two but for the normal baby, that doesn’t happen. Only in fairy tales does that happen!

Many babies get their days and nights mixed up, napping for long periods in the afternoon and waking up to play at bedtime. Sleep training is all about getting your little one to sleep and there are companies out there like that offer actual sleep training courses. What I will say though, is that you can read every book and take every course out there, but that doesn’t mean there is a magic cure. Our babies are born without instruction manuals and rule books and what works for one baby will not work at all for another baby.

There is a reason there is a magic time of six months of age. This is that a baby is actually supposed to wake up. Their stomachs are tiny for a start so regular feeding is the only way they will grow; they don’t stay full for as long as an adult does. When babies are born they have emerged from a warm, dark safe place in a small space to a world that is loud, bright, cold and absolutely huge. That is scary! It’s like being stuck inside with a broken leg for weeks and being allowed outside; you’re disoriented and may feel overwhelmed and seeing as babies can only communicate by crying, that is exactly what they do. All they want is to be held those first few months and the development that they go through during those months is huge.

There are three very common sleep training methods: cry it out, controlled crying and pick up and put down. Crying it out is the least recommended and it’s the practice of putting a warm, full, dry baby down on its back in its room while sleepy to go to sleep. Once in the cot, if they cry, they cry and you don’t go in to see to them. The downside to this is that they learn that no one will come when they cry, so they learn to stop crying. Controlled crying starts in a similar way, but you go into the room every minute for the first night and gently sooth the baby without picking it up and gradually increase the timings until they understand sleeping without you is ok. The last is a combination of the two but each time you see the baby you pick up and calm it down.

Natural Childbirth: A Guide

Childbirth is the part of pregnancy nearly every single expectant mother panics about. They worry about things going wrong, caesarean sections, epidurals, gas and air reactions, episiotomies and all things related to the human about to emerge from the body. Natural labour is the obvious choice for all mothers but as nature goes, that isn’t always the way it goes. Ways to birth naturally fall into quite a list and hypnobirthing is usually on top of that list.


This is the practice of controlling your breathing to control pain in active labour. Our fight or flight instincts are the first to go off when the body goes children-1217246_1280into labour and it’s natural to try and brace against and fight contractions. The thing is, the more you panic, the worse it feels and fighting natural instincts like that is not easy. Panic can lead to medical intervention of labour and for those fighting for a natural birth, this is not an option.

The female body is actually miraculous in that it can birth a child from start to finish by itself and the body knows exactly what to do. This is always a little difficult on the first baby as the body has never experienced the pain or the motions of childbirth before. Of course, you do get those labours that do go wrong and require medical intervention but if labour is going well there is no reason that you cannot do a natural birth with little to no medication. Breathing may sound too simple – you are probably reading this wondering how breathing is going to get something the size of a watermelon out of your body without too much pain. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be painful, but there are ways of minimising that pain that don’t include epidurals in the spine or diamorphine needles to the bottom.

Labour is painful, tiring and very messy and it doesn’t have to have out and out pain accompanied so a lot of first timers opt for epidurals so they can sleep through the contractions. Hypnobirthing courses at places such as can teach you how to release the fears and anxieties associated with labour. Everyone loves to give out gory horror stories about childbirth and it really doesn’t have to be a horror show.

Hypnobirthing allows you to experience childbirth and the journey to meeting your child in a much more calm and relaxed environment and that in itself is something to aspire to. Your labour is your moment as a woman to be everything nature intended for you to be and hypnobirthing during labour allows you to actually smile during each peak of contraction so you can breathe your baby down the birth canal and push effectively. Panic is the emotion a lot of mothers feel when their bodies are braced in extreme pain and of course it would be, especially for your first time. You can get control of that without fighting your body’s natural instincts. You can breathe your way through the pain and envision yourself enveloped in calm and light and wait for your baby to come down.

Criteria of a foster parent

Helping is a social responsibility that every human being should fulfill. When someone is in need people always feel the need to help. Some people extend their helping hands through monetary donations. Others help by volunteering their services. While others, would rather become a foster carer.


There are a lot of reasons why people want to be a foster parent. The major reason why people become foster parents is because of the fact that they have the love for children, aside from that, a lot of married couples who feel that they have more space in their homes and they are still willing to welcome another member. Other families just want to extend their help to a child.

If you want to foster a child, you should be able to comply the necessary requirements before doing so. The first requirement is to be of legal age. Most of the time, the requirement is to be at least 21 years old. Also, the foster parent should be a citizen of the county where he is applying to be a foster parent, or he or she be a resident there for a long time. Likewise, you need to be prepared as your privacy may be invaded because the social welfare officers will surely visit your home and check if you still have adequate space inside your home. Your living environment will also be evaluated if it is ideal for a child to live. Most importantly, the family or the individual’s income will be evaluated as well if he or she or they can provide for the child’s needs. You will also have to fill in a form and have to undergo a series of seminars and training for the approval.

Being a foster parent does not require you to change any religion and they are not strict with any race or ethnicity. You do not have to be married since you can still foster even if you are single or a widow or widower. You do not have to own your home since you can still foster a child even if you are renting. And you can foster even if you are not yet a parent or even if you do not have children yet.

If you want to foster a child, you need to provide a nurturing home to the child. You should have the ability to support the child financially and emotionally to the child.

In summary, if you want to foster a child, you need to meet the necessary requirements given by the state. For example, one should be at the legal age, he or she should have the comfortable home for the child, and if you are financially stable to become a foster parent. Moreover, you should have the right reason for fostering a child. If you are thinking of fostering a child, it is best to consult fostering agencies if you are qualified or not and check the requirements so that you can comply.

Washing your baby’s cloth diapers

A lot of parents shy away from cloth diapers thinking that they are a hassle to clean and maintain. But they are not difficult to wash really. Regardless of the diaper cloth that you are using, one thing is for sure. You need to wash them regularly so that you can use them over and over again. It is also recommended that new diapers be washed at least once so that its absorbency will be increased.


The very first option that you have is to actually get a diaper service to get the dirty work done for you. This is especially helpful when you have a newborn and are still trying to get into a routine. It is quite difficult to find one though and in the end it might cost you a lot.

So what would your next option be? Washing the diapers yourself! Before you wash though, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that you are not doing anything that you should not be doing. So setting aside special instructions aside, here’s how you would normally wash washable nappies.

If you want to, you can soak the dirty diapers for a few hours before washing them. This will help soften the stains so that they will be easier to rinse. But make sure you don’t soak them too long. There are some diapers though that should not be soaked so again, check your manufacturer’s instruction. Before we forget, make sure that you wash your dirty diapers every other day to avoid the odor from building up. This way, you will also not need to have a huge number of diapers on hand for your baby’s use.

Do not use soap. Opt for detergents instead. And your detergent of choice should not have any additives like brightening and whitening ingredients and should be fragrance free if possible. This should help prevent any allergies on your baby’s skin. You can use bleach but do not use it too often because it might break down the diaper’s fiber. As for the water, make sure that you use hot water. But take note that there are diapers that should not be washed in hot water. Check instructions! The the detergent you use should only be half of what you would normally use on a regular load. By the way, most washing machines can do up to two dozen diapers per load. Do not do more than that to avoid the diapers from rubbing into each other.

You can use the dryer to dry the diapers but again, check the instructions just to make sure that you can actually do it. Line drying is a cheap and environment-friendly alternative. However, if the sun is to bright, it might cause the diapers to become stiff. The good thing about it though is that the sun can help whiten your cloth diapers. Put them in the dryer for a few minutes to soften them up a little. Line drying indoors or on a windy day results in having softer diapers.

What are the processes you will undergo in becoming a foster parent?

Not all aspiring applicants are qualified to be a foster parent. It is an opportunity to become a parent. Not everyone has the chance to have a child. There are also those who are blessed with having kids but they don’t give them importance. Those kids who had their traumatic experiences with their families are taken out and put in a safer place away from those who abuse and hurt them. Children are vulnerable to abuses since they are weak and young.


Most of the children who have a not so good experience with their biological parents would likely develop psychological and behavioral problems. That is why, parents are assessed carefully with their attitude and background so that they will not add up to the trauma that the child had experienced. As a new parent to these kids, you will be then orient about your expectation and the most probable thing that you should do in order to help their kids. You should understand that they have different experiences from you. If their parent neglected them, which is mostly what happens to them because of influence of drugs, you will then make them feel that they are loved and cared by the world. These children are prone to depression and low self-esteem. As a foster parent, you can help them through welcoming them into your house and care for them as what they need. If you are looking for a foster center in Essex, you may search on fostering in Essex.

To become a foster parent, you will undergo thorough assessment. On your application process, the fostering center will then ask you to give your personal basic information and this will be the basis on their approval. A social service representative will then assess your environment at home and discuss to you the thing that you will expect when you become a foster parent. Further information will be then gathered and written in form which you will give detailed information such as your financial status to testify that you are suitable to foster. Medical examination will be then asked during the assessment process. You will also provide about your references that will help them to verify your personal character and attitude when it comes to other people. This will be brought into panel meeting then the approval process will happen inside the meeting room wherein they will review all the information they gathered from you. If you are looking for a foster agency in London, you may check on fostering in London.


If you are really serious to become a foster parent, you will able to comply with the requirements whatever it will take. We need to be assessed especially on the psychological status we have in order to know if we can be able to deliver our responsibilities in becoming a good parent and be able to provide the love that the kids need.



Can I be a foster carer?

A lot of people want to foster a child but do not know how and who are allowed to do so. That is why it is very important to go and ask the nearest foster agency in Kent regarding the information on how to foster a child. Different foster agencies have different rules and regulations when it comes to fostering a child but as to who can become a foster carer, usually they have the same standards.


Basically, anyone can be a foster carer as long as they have the resources needed by the child and as long as all the other members of the family agree to foster the child. It is important that a foster carer have enough resources to allow the child to grow better. They should make sure to feed the child with healthy food every day, send them to school and of course, be responsible in sending them and fetching them to and from school. Foster carers should also make sure that all of the child’s needs are met and it will be better to also give them what they want every now and then, especially if they are behaving well. Giving them something they want is a form of reward for something good they have done and this reward will push them to do more good in the future. Foster carers should also make sure that all the other members of the family agree to have a new member to the family since if even only one member does not agree to this, one may not be able to foster a child.

It is important that everyone agrees because the child needs to grow in an environment where everyone accepts him or her. If the child lives in a house where there is one who does not like his or her presence, the child might have problems coping with the family and living in that house. There are many things one should work on if one wants to be a foster carer but they should not worry too much for fostering agencies will help them and give them advice through the process of fostering a child. They have steps wherein people will be studies well if they can foster a child or not. They will really get to know the foster carer and find out if the child will grow well with them. So if you know that deep within yourself, you are ready to become a foster carer, then there is nothing you should worry about for the fostering agency will surely approve of you becoming a foster carer.

Anyone can become a foster carer now, may they be a family, a couple or even single men and women can become one. Rich people and normal ones alike can also become foster carers as long as they can assure that they can provide for the child’s basic need and that the child will grow in a healthy and happy environment with them.