Top 100 Muslim Boy Names with Meanings: Discover Islamic Beauty and Tradition

Top 100 Muslim Boy Names with Meanings

Unveiling 100 gems from the Top 100 Muslim Boy Names, each adorned with its unique meaning and origin. Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is a beautiful and momentous task, especially within the rich tapestry of Muslim tradition. Each name whispered across generations carries not only a melody of sound but also a legacy of faith, hope, and history.

Choosing Meaningful Muslim Boy Names

Selecting a name for your child is a monumental decision in Islam. It’s not just about a pleasing sound but also about the meaning that resonates with positive attributes. Before we delve into the curated list, let’s understand the essence of choosing meaningful names for your little one.

Top 100 Muslim Boy Names Starting with A To Z

Embark on a journey through the alphabet, from A to Z, as we unveil 10 carefully selected Muslim boy names for each letter, complete with their meanings and origins. Let the exploration begin!


  1. Aariz – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Respectable man
  2. Ayaan – Origin: Somali, Meaning: God’s gift
  3. Amin – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Trustworthy
  4. Azhar – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Shining
  5. Amir – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Prince
  6. Asim – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Guardian
  7. Ayaaz – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Respected and beloved
  8. Adil – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Just and fair
  9. Arham – Origin: Urdu, Meaning: Merciful
  10. Ahmed – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Praiseworthy


  1. Bilal – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Water, moisture
  2. Barir – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Faithful
  3. Bashir – Arabic, Meaning: Bringer of good news
  4. Burhan –  Arabic, Meaning: Proof, evidence
  5. Badr – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Bright and shining.
  6. Basir – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: One with insight
  7. Baqir – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Deeply learned
  8. Basharat – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Glad Tidings
  9. Badi – Arabic, Meaning: Incomparable/Unique
  10. Basim – Arabic, Meaning: Smiling/Happy

Traditional Names and Their Significance

Some names hold deep roots in Islamic tradition, carrying profound meanings and historical significance. Understanding the cultural and historical context behind these Muslim boy names adds a layer of richness to the naming process.


  1. Cemal – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Beauty.
  2. Cihan – Origin: Turkish, Meaning: World.
  3. Cemil – Origin: Turkish, Meaning: Handsome.
  4. Caleb – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Devotion to God/faithful.
  5. Cyrus – Persian, Meaning: Throne/Like the sun.
  6. Cade – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Pure/Innocent.
  7. Cassim – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Distributor/Generous.
  8. Chishti – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Pure/Clean.
  9. Chiragh – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Lamp/Light.
  10. Cyril – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Lordly/Masterful.


  1. Dawud – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Beloved friend
  2. Din – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Religion
  3. Danyal – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: God is my judge
  4. Diyar – Origin: Kurdish, Meaning: Abode, house
  5. Daud – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Beloved
  6. Dhakir – Arabic, Meaning: Rememberer/One who remembers God.
  7. Danish – Origin: Urdu, Meaning: Knowledgeable
  8. Dilshad – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Happy heart
  9. Dabir – Arabic, Meaning: Teacher, preacher
  10. Dastan – Persian, Meaning: Story/Legend

Modern and Trending Muslim Boy Names

While tradition is cherished, modern Muslim parents also seek names that reflect contemporary trends. This section showcases top 100 muslim boy names that strike a balance between tradition and modernity, resonating with the spirit of the times.


  1. Eshan – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Good/Excellent.
  2. Esa – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Prophet/Messenger
  3. Ebrahim – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Father of nations.
  4. Eziz – Origin: Turkmen, Meaning: Dear, beloved
  5. Eshaan – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Desiring and wishing
  6. Emad – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Pillar/Support.
  7. Elias – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: The Lord is my God
  8. Ezzat – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Glory/Majesty.
  9. Elhan – Origin: Turkish, Meaning: Knowledgeable/Well-informed.
  10. Ezra – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Helper


  1. Faisal – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Judge, arbiter
  2. Farid – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Unique, incomparable
  3. Feroz – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Victorious, triumphant
  4. Faris – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Knight, horseman
  5. Fahim – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Intelligent, wise
  6. Faiz – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Grace, favor
  7. Farhan – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Happy/Joyful.
  8. Fawad – Origin: Persian, Meaning:  Heart/Soul.
  9. Fateh – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Victorious/Conqueror.
  10. Fahad – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: leopard/Cheetah

Regional Influences on Muslim Boy Names

Names often vary across regions, influenced by local languages and customs. Exploring these regional variations provides insight into the diverse tapestry of Islamic names, enriching our understanding of the cultural nuances.


  1. Ghani – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Rich, wealthy
  2. Gulzar – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Rose garden
  3. Ghassan – Arabic, Meaning: Youthful, vigorous
  4. Gulzar – Origin: Persian, Meaning: Rose garden
  5. Ghani – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Rich, wealthy
  6. Ghassan – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: 
  7. Gulzar – Origin: Persian, Meaning: 
  8. Ghani – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: 
  9. Ghassan – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: 
  10. Gulzar – Origin: Persian, Meaning: 


  1. Hadi – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Guide, leader
  2. Hamid – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Praiseworthy
  3. Haris – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Guardian
  4. Hassan – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Handsome
  5. Hadi – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Guide, leader
  6. Hamid – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Praiseworthy
  7. Haris – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Guardian
  8. Hassan – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Handsome
  9. Hadi – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Guide, leader
  10. Hamid – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Praiseworthy

Popular Names from the Quran

Derived from the sacred Islamic scriptures, names from the Quran have a special spiritual significance. This section ( Top 100 Muslim Boy Names ) highlights some of the most cherished names inspired by the teachings of Islam.


  1. Ibrahim – Meaning “father of many” or “friend of Allah.”
  2. Imran – Often associated with the father of Maryam (Mary) in Islamic tradition.
  3. Ismail – Referring to the prophet Ishmael, son of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).
  4. Ilyas – The Arabic form of the name Elijah, a prophet mentioned in the Quran.
  5. Irfan – Meaning “knowledge” or “awareness,” often chosen for its intellectual connotations.
  6. Idris – Traditionally identified with the prophet Enoch in Islamic tradition.
  7. Imad – Signifying “pillar” or “support,” symbolizing strength and stability.
  8. Ihsan – Translating to “excellence” or “goodness,” it holds a spiritual significance.
  9. Ismat – Meaning “protection” or “innocence,” often chosen for its positive attributes.
  10. Inayat – Signifying “kindness” or “benevolence,” reflecting a compassionate nature.


  1. Jamil: Meaning “beautiful” or “handsome.”
  2. Jibril: Variant of Gabriel, the angel who revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad.
  3. Jawad: Signifying “generous” or “gracious.”
  4. Junaid: Translating to “soldier” or “warrior.”
  5. Jameel: Similar to Jamil, meaning “beautiful” or “attractive.”
  6. Jalaal: Representing “majesty” or “glory.”
  7. Jazib: Signifying “attractive” or “one who attracts.”
  8. Jafar: Derived from the Arabic root for “stream” or “river.”
  9. Jaafar: An alternate spelling of Jafar, also meaning “stream” or “river.”
  10. Jalil: Meaning “great” or “exalted.”

Naming Ceremonies and Rituals

Naming ceremonies in Islam are imbued with significance and rituals. Understanding these ceremonies adds depth to the naming process, fostering a sense of tradition and community.


  1. Khalid: Meaning “eternal” or “immortal.”
  2. Kareem: Signifying “generous” or “noble.”
  3. Kamran: Referring to “fortunate” or “prosperous.”
  4. Kashif: Translating to “revealer of secrets” or “discoverer.”
  5. Khalil: Meaning “friend” or “companion.”
  6. Kadir: Signifying “capable” or “competent.”
  7. Khalaf: Referring to “successor” or “one who comes after.”
  8. Kais: Meaning “firm” or “unshakeable.”
  9. Kamil: Translating to “perfect” or “complete.”
  10. Karim: Signifying “generous” or “noble.” (An alternate spelling of Kareem.)


  1. Liam – Meaning “strong-willed warrior” or “resolute protector.”
  2. Luqman – A wise and pious figure mentioned in the Quran, wisdom and understanding.
  3. Layth – Meaning “lion” in Arabic, symbolizing strength and bravery.
  4. Latif – “gentle” or “kind,” emphasizing a sweet and compassionate nature.
  5. Lamees – “soft to the touch” or “tender-hearted.”
  6. Lut – Inspired by the prophet Lot in Islam.
  7. Lazim – Meaning “necessary” or “essential,” expressing importance.
  8. Labib – Signifying “intelligent” or “wise,” often chosen for its association with intellect.
  9. Lisar – A unique name meaning “lion of God,” combining strength and divine reference.
  10. Lutfi – Translating to “gentle” or “pleasant,” conveying a calm and amiable demeanor.

Celebrity Inspirations ( Top 100 Muslim Boy Names )

Celebrities often influence naming trends, and the Muslim community is no exception. Discover Muslim boy names inspired by famous personalities, reflecting the impact of media and culture on naming choices.


  1. Mikael – Meaning “who is like God” or “angel”.
  2. Mustafa – “Chosen one” or “preferred” in Arabic.
  3. Musa – Prophet Moses in Islam.
  4. Mizan – “Balance” or “scales” in Arabic.
  5. Mujahid – Signifying “one who strives for the cause of Allah” or “holy warrior.”
  6. Mahir – “Skilled” or “proficient” in Arabic.
  7. Muhib – Translating to “loving” or “affectionate”.
  8. Maqbool – “Accepted” or “approved by Allah.”
  9. Munir – Meaning “shining” or “bright” in Arabic.
  10. Mubarak – Something blessed or fortunate.


  1. Nasir – Meaning “helper” or “supporter.”
  2. Nabeel – Signifying “noble” or “generous.”
  3. Najib – Translating to “noble” or “distinguished.”
  4. Naim – Referring to “pleasant” or “comfortable.”
  5. Naseem – Meaning “breeze” or “gentle wind.”
  6. Nizar – Signifying “glow” or “radiance.”
  7. Nashit – Translating to “energetic” or “dynamic.”
  8. Nadim – Referring to “companion” or “friend.”
  9. Nadeem – Meaning “companion in drinking” or “one who enjoys company.”
  10. Nuh – The Arabic form of Noah, a prophet in Islamic tradition.

Unique and Uncommon Names ( Top 100 Muslim Boy Names )

For parents seeking names that stand out, this section ( Top 100 Muslim Boy Names ) presents a collection of unique and uncommon Muslim boy names. Embrace creativity while staying true to Islamic values.


  1. Omar – A classic name meaning “flourishing” or “life.”
  2. Osman – Referring to “pure” or “clean.”
  3. Owais – Meaning “little wolf” or “brave.”
  4. Omarion – A variation of Omar, with a modern twist.
  5. Othman – An alternative spelling of Osman, meaning “pure” or “clean.”
  6. Obaid – Signifying “small slave” or “servant of Allah.”
  7. Osama – Meaning “lion” or “strong.”
  8. Omer – A variant of Omar, also meaning “flourishing” or “life.”
  9. Ovais – A variation of Owais, meaning “little wolf” or “brave.”
  10. Osroo – A unique name with no specific meaning, providing a distinct choice.


  1. Parvez – Meaning “fortunate” or “successful.”
  2. Pasha – Signifying “lord” or “nobleman.”
  3. Pakshan – Meaning “pure” or “clean.”
  4. Piruz – Translating to “victorious” or “triumphant.”
  5. Pravez – A variation of Parvez, also meaning “fortunate.”
  6. Paiman – Referring to “promise” or “oath.”
  7. Pervaiz – Meaning “breeze” or “wind.”
  8. Parvaiz – Signifying “victorious” or “successful.”
  9. Pakiza – Translating to “pure” or “chaste.”
  10. Parsa – Referring to “pious” or “devout.”

Impact of Cultural Diversity on Muslim Names

Islamic culture is inherently diverse, and this diversity is reflected in the names chosen for boys. Explore how cultural influences shape naming practices, celebrating the beauty of a varied and inclusive naming tradition.


  1. Qasim – Meaning “one who distributes” or “generous.”
  2. Qamar – Translating to “moon” or “radiant.”
  3. Qavi – Signifying “strong” or “powerful.”
  4. Qadir – Referring to “capable” or “able.”
  5. Qais – Meaning “lover” or “desire.”
  6. Qusay – Translating to “distant” or “faraway.”
  7. Qazi – Signifying “judge” or “justice.”
  8. Qudamah – Referring to “courageous” or “brave.”
  9. Qurban – Meaning “sacrifice” or “offering.”
  10. Qaisar – Translating to “emperor” or “king.”


  1. Rafiq – Meaning “friend” or “companion.”
  2. Rayyan – Signifying “gates of Heaven” or “luxuriant.”
  3. Rizwan – “Pleasure” or “contentment.”
  4. Raheel – Referring to “one who emigrates for the sake of Allah.”
  5. Rashid – “Righteous” or “guided by Allah.”
  6. Rafi – Signifying “noble” or “exalted.”
  7. Rameez – Translating to “symbol” or “sign.”
  8. Rahim – “Merciful” or “compassionate.”
  9. Riyad – Meaning “gardens” or “meadows.”
  10. Rukan – Signifying “pillar” or “support.”


  1. Sami – Meaning “elevated” or “exalted.”
  2. Saif – Translating to “sword” or “sharp.”
  3. Sulaiman – The Arabic form of Solomon, a prophet in Islamic tradition.
  4. Suhail – Referring to the star Canopus or “easygoing.”
  5. Shakir – Signifying “thankful” or “grateful.”
  6. Salman – Meaning “safe” or “secure.”
  7. Sabir – Translating to “patient” or “enduring.”
  8. Shazad – Referring to “prince” or “royal offspring.”
  9. Safwan – Signifying “pure” or “unblemished.”
  10. Saad – Meaning “happiness” or “good fortune.”


  1. Tariq – Meaning “morning star” or “he who knocks at the door.”
  2. Talib – “Seeker of knowledge” or “student.”
  3. Tayyib – Translating to “good” or “virtuous.”
  4. Tameem – Referring to “complete” or “perfect.”
  5. Tariq – Meaning “morning star” or “he who knocks at the door.”
  6. Tasnim – Signifying “a spring in paradise” or “fountain in heaven.”
  7. Thabit – Translating to “firm” or “steadfast.”
  8. Taahir – Referring to “pure” or “clean.”
  9. Taqi – Meaning “pious” or “God-fearing.”
  10. Taha – A surah of the Quran, also meaning “pure” or “clean.”


  1. Usman – A name derived from Arabic, meaning “baby snake” or “companion.”
  2. Umar – A name of Arabic origin, meaning “life” or “thriving.”
  3. Uthman – Meaning “baby bustard,” a bird, in Arabic.
  4. Uzair – The Islamic version of the name Ezra, a figure mentioned in the Quran.
  5. Ubaid – Signifying “faithful” or “worshiper.”
  6. Uwayl – A unique name meaning “one who seeks refuge.”
  7. Uzayr – Another variation of the name Uzair, mentioned in the Quran.
  8. Ubadah – Meaning “worshipper” or “devotee.”
  9. Umaro – A unique name with Arabic roots, symbolizing “life” or “long-lived.”
  10. Uthmaan – A variant of Uthman, meaning “baby bustard” or “baby snake.”


  1. Vihaan – Meaning “dawn” or “morning.”
  2. Vazir – Signifying “minister” or “advisor.”
  3. Vishal – Translating to “grand” or “magnificent.”
  4. Vidyan – Referring to “knowledgeable” or “learned.”
  5. Valeed – Meaning “newly born” or “child.”
  6. Vafi – Signifying “loyal” or “faithful.”
  7. Vivan – Translating to “full of life” or “energetic.”
  8. Vahid – Referring to “unique” or “one of a kind.”
  9. Vasim – Meaning “handsome” or “attractive.”
  10. Vardaan – Signifying “blessing” or “gift.”


  1. Wasiq – Meaning “broad-minded” or “wise.”
  2. Wahid – Signifying “unique” or “singular.”
  3. Waqar – Translating to “dignity” or “majesty.”
  4. Wamil – Referring to “handsome” or “graceful.”
  5. Wadood – Meaning “loving” or “affectionate.”
  6. Wasiyy – Signifying “trustworthy” or “faithful.”
  7. Wazir – Translating to “minister” or “advisor.”
  8. Wahab – Referring to “the generous giver” or “bestower.”
  9. Waris – Meaning “heir” or “successor.”
  10. Wajid – Signifying “finder” or “one who seeks.”
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  1. Xaviar – A variation of the name Xavier, meaning “bright” or “splendid.”
  2. Xayn – A unique name with no specific meaning, but it has a modern and distinctive sound.
  3. Xahid – A name that may convey the meaning of “devoted” or “dedicated.”
  4. Xareef – Meaning “distinguished” or “honorable.”
  5. Xerxes – While not originally an Arabic name, Xerxes can be used, and it means “warrior” or “heroic” in Persian.
  6. Xalil – A unique name with no specific meaning, but it has a pleasant sound.
  7. Xamiel – A name with a modern touch, and its meaning is not traditionally defined.
  8. Xirad – A unique name with no specific meaning, allowing for a distinct identity.
  9. Xavian – A modern name with no specific Islamic meaning but carries a positive and strong sound.
  10. Xayeed – A unique name that does not have a widely known meaning, providing individuality.


  1. Yahyah – A variant of the name Yahya, meaning “John” or “the one who lives.”
  2. Yafi – Signifying “elevated” or “high.”
  3. Yusha – The Arabic form of Joshua, meaning “to rescue” or “to deliver.”
  4. Yasim – “One who restrains” or “moderate.”
  5. Yasar – Signifying “prosperity” or “ease.”
  6. Yunan – A name with historical significance, referring to ancient Greece.
  7. Yazan – Meaning “to live” or “to survive.”
  8. Yakub – An alternative spelling for Yaqub, the Arabic form of Jacob.
  9. Yamin – Signifying “right hand” or “blessed.”
  10. Yaqzan – A name with Arabic origins, meaning “alert” or “vigilant.”


  1. Zayd – Meaning “growth” or “abundance.”
  2. Zain – Signifying “beauty” or “grace.”
  3. Zahid – Translating to “devout” or “ascetic.”
  4. Zakariya – The Arabic form of Zachariah, a prophet’s name in Islamic tradition.
  5. Zohaib – Referring to “king of kings” or “kingly.”
  6. Zubair – Meaning “strong” or “brave.”
  7. Ziad – Signifying “growth” or “abundance.”
  8. Zafir – Translating to “victorious” or “successful.”
  9. Ziyaad – Referring to “abundance” or “growth.”
  10. Zulfiqar – The name of the legendary sword of Ali, a prominent figure in Islam, and also a symbol of strength and courage.

FAQs on Top 100 Muslim Boy Names with Meanings:

Q: Where can I find other lists of Top 100 Muslim Boy Names?

A: Several websites and books dedicate themselves to Muslim baby names. Some popular options include for top 100 Muslim boy names:

      • Behind the Name: 
      • IslamicFinder: 
      • Muslim Baby Names:

Q: How can I find the meaning of a name not on your list?

A: Comment about your desired query or, check Facebook page: and find ” top 100 Muslim boy names ” post. Either check Websites like Behind the Name and IslamicFinder allow you to search for specific names and discover their meanings and origins.

Q: Is it okay to choose a non-Muslim name for my son?

A: There is no rule against choosing a non-Muslim name. However, many parents find it meaningful to choose a name with Islamic significance to connect their son to their faith and heritage.

Q: Can I find names specific to my cultural background?

A: Yes, many resources offer lists and meanings of names specific to different regions and cultures. Researching your family heritage or regional traditions can guide your search.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a name for my son?

A: Think about the meaning, origin, and sound of the name. Consider its cultural significance and potential for nicknames. Ultimately, choose a name that resonates with you and feels right for your child. If you are a Muslim then check top 100 Muslim boy names or, check our blog.

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