Unlocking the Mystique: Top 100 Muslim Girls Names Explained with Deep Meanings!

top 100 muslim girls names

Top 100 Muslim Girls Names with Meaning

Naming your newborn daughter is a lovely and significant choice. Muslim names can have strong symbolic meanings; they might symbolize traits, objectives, or values that parents wish for their daughters. The top 100 Muslim girls names are listed here, along with their meanings, to make it easier for you to choose the ideal name for your child.

So, dive with me into this treasure trove of top 100 Muslim girls names, where meaning and melody intertwine, creating a symphony of possibilities for your precious little one.

First 25 of Top 100 Muslim Girls Names

  1. Aaliyah – Meaning “exalted” or “high-ranking,” Aaliyah signifies a sense of elevation and prominence.

  2. Aisha – A name that means “alive” or “lively,” reflecting a vibrant and spirited personality.

  3. Amira – Signifying “princess” or “leader,” Amira represents strength and authority.

  4. Zahra – Zahra stands for “radiant” or “shining,” reflecting brightness and beauty.

  5. Fatima – This name means “captivating” and is also associated with the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

  6. Khadija – Meaning “premature daughter,” Khadija was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.

  7. Zara – Zara symbolizes “princess” or “flower,” portraying elegance and grace.

  8. Mariam – Derived from Mary, it means “beloved” and holds a significant place in Islamic history.

  9. Layla – Translating to “night” or “dark beauty,” Layla reflects mystery and beauty.

  10. Hana – Meaning “happiness” or “bliss,” Hana embodies joy and contentment.

  11. Sara – Signifying “princess” or “noblewoman,” Sara represents dignity and honor.

  12. Nour – Nour means “light,” depicting illumination and guidance.

  13. Yasmin – This name refers to the Jasmine flower, symbolizing grace and elegance.

  14. Safiya – Meaning “pure” or “sincere,” Safiya embodies honesty and integrity.

  15. Sana – Signifying “brilliance” or “splendor,” Sana represents radiance and beauty.

  16. Sumaya – Meaning “high above” or “elevated,” Sumaya represents a lofty stature.

  17. Leila – Leila means “dark beauty” or “night,” symbolizing allure and mystery.

  18. Amina – A name that signifies “trustworthy” or “honest,” reflecting reliability and integrity.

  19. Lina – Lina means “tender” or “delicate,” signifying gentleness and grace.

  20. Iman – Meaning “faith” or “belief,” Iman symbolizes a strong sense of spirituality.

  21. Inaya – Inaya means “care” or “concern,” representing compassion and empathy.

  22. Ayesha – Signifying “living” or “prosperous,” Ayesha embodies vitality and success.

  23. Malak – This name translates to “angel” or “messenger,” symbolizing purity and divinity.

  24. Zainab – Meaning “fragrant flower,” Zainab represents beauty and elegance.

  25. Farah – Farah means “joy” or “happiness,” symbolizing cheerfulness and delight.

Next 25 of Top 100 Muslim Girls Names (26-50)

  1. Rania – Signifying “queen,” Rania embodies regal grace and authority.
  2. Salma – Salma means “peace” or “safe,” symbolizing tranquility and security.

  3. Nyla – This name means “winner” or “successful,” reflecting accomplishment and victory.

  4. Huda – Signifying “guidance” or “righteousness,” Huda represents spiritual direction.

  5. Aaliya – Meaning “high” or “tall,” Aaliya symbolizes stature and prominence.

  6. Reem – Reem means “gazelle” or “deer,” symbolizing grace and beauty.

  7. Noor – Noor means “light,” depicting illumination and radiance.

  8. Zahrah – Zahrah signifies a “blossoming flower,” embodying beauty and growth.

  9. Aya – Aya means “sign” or “miracle,” symbolizing divine intervention.

  10. Maha – Meaning “wild cow” or “gazelle,” Maha represents agility and grace.

  11. Dalia – Dalia refers to the Dahlia flower, symbolizing beauty and inner strength.

  12. Hafsa – Signifying “gathering” or “collecting,” Hafsa represents unity and togetherness.

  13. Saba – Saba means “morning breeze,” symbolizing freshness and renewal.

  14. Safa – Signifying “purity” or “clarity,” Safa embodies innocence and sincerity.

  15. Asma – Asma means “loftier” or “exalted,” symbolizing high status and honor.

  16. Rima – Rima means “white antelope,” symbolizing grace and elegance.

  17. Ruqayyah – Meaning “gentle” or “soft-spoken,” Ruqayyah embodies tenderness and kindness.

  18. Jannah – Jannah means “paradise,” symbolizing eternal bliss and tranquility.

  19. Samar – Samar means “evening conversation,” symbolizing warmth and companionship.

  20. Shireen – Signifying “sweet” or “pleasant,” Shireen represents charm and amiability.

  21. Zoya – Zoya means “alive” or “loving,” symbolizing vitality and affection.

  22. Ghazala – Meaning “gazelle,” Ghazala represents grace and beauty.

  23. Ayah – Ayah means “sign” or “miracle,” symbolizing divine guidance.

  24. Amani – Signifying “wishes” or “aspirations,” Amani represents hopes and dreams.

  25. Dua – Dua means “prayer,” symbolizing devotion and supplication.

Next 25 of Top 100 Muslim Girls Names (51-75)

  1. Lamis – Lamis means “soft to the touch,” symbolizing gentleness and tenderness.
  2. Manal – Signifying “achievement” or “attainment,” Manal represents success and accomplishment.

  3. Nuha – Nuha means “intelligence” or “wisdom,” symbolizing knowledge and insight.

  4. Tahira – Signifying “pure” or “chaste,” Tahira embodies innocence and virtue.

  5. Warda – Warda means “rose,” symbolizing beauty and delicacy.

  6. Ghada – Ghada means “graceful young girl,” symbolizing elegance and youthfulness.

  7. Amal – Signifying “hope” or “aspiration,” Amal represents optimism and ambition.

  8. Basma – Basma means “smile,” symbolizing happiness and joy.

  9. Haniya – Haniya means “pleased” or “happy,” representing contentment and satisfaction.

  10. Maisa – Maisa means “walking with proud swinging gait,” symbolizing confidence and grace.

  11. Nada – Nada means “generosity” or “dew,” symbolizing abundance and freshness.

  12. Samira – Samira means “entertaining companion,” representing sociability and charm.

  13. Barira – Signifying “pious” or “devout,” Barira embodies spirituality and devotion.

  14. Fajr – Fajr means “dawn” or “morning prayer,” symbolizing new beginnings and spirituality.

  15. Layan – Layan means “gentle” or “soft,” symbolizing tenderness and kindness.

  16. Maheen – Maheen means “beautiful” or “fine,” representing beauty and elegance.

  17. Marwa – Marwa signifies a “mountain in Mecca,” symbolizing strength and stability.

  18. Mira – Mira means “admirable” or “princess,” symbolizing admiration and grace.

  19. Sadia – Signifying “lucky” or “fortunate,” Sadia represents blessings and happiness.

  20. Shaza – Shaza means “fragrance” or “aroma,” symbolizing allure and pleasantness.

  21. Yusra – Yusra means “ease” or “prosperity,” representing comfort and success.

  22. Amira – Amira means “prosperous” or “full of life,” symbolizing abundance and vitality.

  23. Basmah – Basmah means “smiling” or “cheerful,” representing happiness and joy.

  24. Fiza – Fiza means “breeze” or “air,” symbolizing freshness and vitality.

  25. Haleema – Haleema means “gentle” or “patient,” symbolizing kindness and compassion.

Last 25 of Top 100 Muslim Girls Names (76-100)

  1. Ilham – Ilham means “inspiration” or “revelation,” representing creativity and insight.
  2. Joud – Joud means “generosity” or “excellence,” symbolizing kindness and excellence.

  3. Muna – Muna means “desire” or “wish,” symbolizing aspirations and dreams.

  4. Sabah – Sabah means “morning” or “dawn,” representing new beginnings and freshness.

  5. Sheema – Sheema means “characteristic mark,” symbolizing uniqueness and identity.

  6. Wardah – Wardah means “rose,” symbolizing beauty and delicacy.

  7. Zaina – Zaina means “beautiful” or “graceful,” representing elegance and beauty.

  8. Anisa – Anisa means “friendly” or “affectionate,” symbolizing kindness and warmth.

  9. Bahira – Bahira means “dazzling” or “radiant,” representing brightness and charm.

  10. Eman – Eman means “faith” or “belief,” symbolizing trust and spirituality.

  11. Hanan – Hanan means “compassion” or “tenderness,” symbolizing empathy and kindness.

  12. Jadwa – Jadwa means “support” or “backbone,” representing strength and stability.

  13. Kareema – Kareema means “generous” or “noble,” symbolizing generosity and honor.

  14. Lubna – Lubna means “storax tree,” symbolizing resilience and strength.

  15. Marjan – Marjan means “coral,” representing beauty and uniqueness.

  16. Noreen – Noreen means “luminous” or “brilliant,” symbolizing brightness and radiance.

  17. Raheela – Raheela means “traveler,” representing exploration and curiosity.

  18. Saida – Saida means “happy” or “fortunate,” symbolizing joy and blessings.

  19. Shaista – Shaista means “well-behaved” or “polite,” representing manners and grace.

  20. Tanisha – Tanisha means “ambition” or “desire,” symbolizing determination and aspiration.

  21. Ward – Ward means “flower” or “rose,” symbolizing beauty and elegance.

  22. Yara – Yara means “butterfly,” representing freedom and transformation.

  23. Zoya – Zoya means “loving” or “caring,” symbolizing affection and compassion.

  24. Aalia – Aalia means “exalted” or “noble,” representing high status and honor.

  25. Ayana – Ayana means “beautiful flower,” symbolizing beauty and grace.

Naming a child is an important aspect of bringing a new life into the world. Each of these top 100 Muslim girls names carry its own significance and beauty, embodying aspirations and values that parents wish for their daughters. May this list assist you in finding the perfect name filled with meaning and love for your precious little girl.

FAQs: Top 100 Muslim Girls Names

Q: How did you choose the top 100 Muslim girls names?

A: This selection considers popularity, traditional significance, diverse cultural influences, and the beauty of the names themselves. It’s not exhaustive, but a curated starting point for your search.

Q: Are there any list for learning more about names?

A: This is just a glimpse into the enchanting world of Top 100 Muslim Girls Names. Each name, a universe waiting to be explored, a whisper of hope and possibility held within its syllables. For more names, check our websites home page.

Q1: How are Muslim names traditionally chosen?

A: Muslim names are often chosen based on their meanings, cultural significance, and personal preferences. Parents may also consider names mentioned in religious texts. Choose a name from the list (Top 100 Muslim girls names or Top 100 Muslim boy names).

Q: What if I don’t see my favorite name on the list ( Top 100 Muslim girls names )?

A: The world of Muslim names is vast and beautiful! Feel free to explore beyond the list and choose a name that resonates with your personal preferences and family traditions. You can also check our 10000+ alphabetic order.

Q: I’m not Muslim, can I still use these names for my daughter?

A: Absolutely! Many names with beautiful meanings transcend cultural and religious boundaries. Choose what speaks to your heart, ensuring respect and sensitivity. Choose a name from the top 100 Muslim girls names, or check the home page for big lists.

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